Pray for Jotta A.

In case you don’t know this dude called Jotta, you can be forgiven probably because of the part of the world he comes from. Very little is known about this lad but here are the few I have been able to gather from the web.
The thing is, when you talk of a 13 year old boy [1999] from Brazil, the next thing that comes to peoples mind is a new football (soccer) whiz kid. Jotta however, is about music and music and music. The youngest of three children of  Antonio and Edna Holanda, living in the village of Angélica, just outside Sorocaba, Brazil. His real name is Jose Antonio Viana, although his family calls him Tony.

I also don’t know much about him but I am sure in a few years to come, the history books of will start opening. It was on a YouTube video of a Brazilian TV youth talent show “Jovens Talentos Kids” that I first saw his video and I was amazed. He is usually accompanied by his older sister Lanna and he sings mostly in churches and Christian festivals.

The boy is so good He is booked solid at churches mostly around Sao Paulo, Brazil, through the end of the year.

As a 6 years old kid

Because of his powerful stage presence, he’s already being compared to the young Michael Jackson. Enough of the introductions, here, watch some of his videos; I believe they’ll help my lack of words.

Performing Chris Tomlin’s Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)

Performing Michael W. Smith’s Agnus Dei

Now, back to our title, I said pray for Jotta A., it is not that he is sick, in distress or something. The thing is, we’ve seen many young, vibrant, talented kids who started off with this kind of zeal but later on in their careers, they became controversial figures, some of them even switched allegiance and became enemies of the gospel of Christ through their music.


At 13 or thereabout; money, girls, fame and the likes may not freak Jose, but then, with no future Don Moen, Donnie McClurkin, Rich Mullins, Kenoly, Michael Smith etc. in the horizon. There is no doubt; we need to pray for our ‘Jotta’ and as many of his type that are out there.

Pray for these God’s little angels that God will guide their steps, keep them in the faith, and protect them from the claws of the devil.



131 thoughts on “Pray for Jotta A.

  1. ADEGBENRO ADETOLA .I.-Obafemi Awolowo University,NIGERIA. says:

    Seriously, i agree with you. Thats how all these anti-christ singers started,we should pray for him.

      1. katina says:

        love you Jotta. I or we all thank God for you. your voice is so awesome. your first video put me in tears. I thought about all the things that I have done that God doesn’t deserve. I pray every night and day that no one will ever think of doing anything that may hurt or harm you. because he’s a Christian, and is a very famous singer whether on the radio or not, I count you as a famous singer, anyways, are definitely gonna have enemies. Even at school.

      2. katina says:

        God, I thank you for this servant of yours.I pray that you will stay front and behind jotta. when he travels, I pray that you will let no hurt or harm come to him. warn him when ever there is something that could hurt him. I ask that you will make sure he keep his ear to your mouth and whenever you tell him something, he will not turn back from it. I ask that you will make sure that he listen to know criticism and put him to the point where he just doesn’t even want to sing the gospel. amen

    1. sizwe says:

      I have about 2 weeks I know about this kid, and I was amazed when I first listened to him. But as I continued listening to his music, I then started to feel sad because of the world of fame out there. He is before the eyes of the dragon, and it is hungry to swallow him. Praying for him is the only way. What he’s doing is less important that ending in heaven. Peace of God be with you..

    2. sentei hniarthul says:

      your voice is great and let it be the voice of God while you sing…may god be with you…let the light of christ be seen by everyone through your life

      1. devonte hewitt says:

        Omg jotta I love u so much your voice and your cute am also a Christian may god be with you OK bye goodnight

    3. aini says:

      i also agree. we should always pray for him so that he grows up to be a true angel of GOD. but he must never put the thought of making money with his music in his mind, he must always do everything with a willing heart and GOD will bless him. AMEN.

    4. Cynthia says:

      Dearest Father, I lift Jotta to You, I pray that each day he falls more in love with You, and his desire to serve you alone abounds. He will be blessed and strengthened in the days to come.

    1. Dr Blank says:

      Jotta is filled with God’s heavenly presence.His singing touches my soul and I feel God’s presence. God bless you boy wherever u r and may He help u so that u will never ever depart from his way.God keep u safe under his wings.I wish to see u one day in future. I love singing 2 and may God bless u abundantly because ur his mighty servant and he will keep u safe from the devils evil plans

      1. Dr Blank says:

        You are always in my prayers.Being a teenager is not easy that’s y we all need God.God bless you an inspirational character that God took time to mould

  2. milagros Abreu says:

    definitivamente es un milagro de Dios, es mi artista favorito y quiero aprender
    portugués para poder entender no solo sus canciones sino también sus predicaciones, orare por el cada vez que me acuerde

    1. salaqua says:

      definitely is a miracle of God, is
      my favorite artist and I want to
      learn Portuguese in order to
      understand not only his songs
      but also his preaching, will pray
      for every time I remember

  3. Dinah says:

    He is a miracle kid. My goodness this kid is talented indeed. My prayer is that may God use u as His vessel and NEVER EVER part away from his ways. Ave been watching his music and videos for a constant 7 hours without a break now and i dont think i need a break. bravo kiddo u make me proud to be a Christian.

      1. Jackey says:

        I agree since I found Jotta on you tube I have been listening to him over and over again. I don’t understand all of the words he sings but his voice is so beautiful it’s cool just listening. He is truly Blessed and I pray the he continues to sing for Jesus. Awesome some man.

      2. Jackey says:

        My last line of comment should have said awesome young man. I hit submit before I realized I made a mistake.

  4. nitz says:

    he’s really a talented, blessed and i guess anointed kid. there’s something i feel that i just can’t explain every time i watch him singing.” oh my God! thanks for this kid. protect him from claws of devil”.

  5. Flora says:

    I watched his video with my 14 month old grandson and we both worshipped! As a mother and grandmother who loves God, I am committed to praying for Jotta daily. He will not derail. He will not be taken by the enemy. He will be saved for the wife of his youth that God created for him. His identity will not be questioned. The Holy Spirit will set him apart.

  6. Asibe Chetachukwu says:

    The Lord shall keep you going on the right path, His path of life even until you grow old and die and you shall fulfill the good purpose for Your living in Jesus’ name, Amen

  7. thays michelly says:

    Oiiii Jotta A!!! Eu souThays, e tenho o prazer de dizer q adoruh suas musicas! E que deus continue te abençoando seeempre, e q vc continue sendo essa pessoa maravilhosa q vc é! BJS…

  8. child of God says:

    I agree with everything you saying. Soon as i watched this kid sing you can feel the presence of the Lord and i got the erge to pray for him. So he will be in my day to day prayer list little boy Jota A. God bless O:-) B-)

    1. Nataneal Billy says:

      I agree.when I watch Jotta A video’s I can feel the power of God halelulja its like wow I can’t explain that feeling.I show talent but Jotta A GOD gave you samething lots of us dreamed of my praye is for you young man.there lots of things I wane say but GOD blessed amen

      1. Mummy says:

        My grandson is under two years old but he has been watching Jotta A since he was 13 months. He knows and calls his name; sings alongside him and worships in like manner. I have been praying for Jotta A since the very first day my grandson watched him on December 15 2012. All mothers should be praying for this special talent in the world of decay. I pray Gods protection over him and that the Holy Spirit will help to stay pure and still pure even after he is grown to protect his moral values. Blessings always

        Sent from my iPad

  9. Triscilla Waikasi says:

    Wow!!! I just don’t know how to express this feeling I have when I glue my eyes on my computer just watching Jotta’s vedioe clips. I just sit and watch and I honestly could feel the anointing of God. I’m so blessed. And I pray that Jotta will stand firm in the Lord and sing for Jesus alone. So many people develop their talents in church but at they end they end up using their talents for the wrong purpose. Jotta God created you.He is your creator and so I believe He will always want you to sing to Him and Him alone. Never ever think of singing for the creation (women/girls) like the majority of young stars today are doing. God never likes to share his glory with anyone else, He always wants the glory to be His. Oh no…..I feel like typing ahead but I think I’ll stop here.

    God Bless

  10. WALLY says:


  11. WALLY says:


  12. God's Masterpiece says:

    That is SOOO true! When I heard his voice on tv some other day, I freaked out cause his vioce was A-MA-ZING !! And I really thank GOD I later on found him on internet and watched him on you tube.. I seriously cried(tears of joy)… ;( because he inpired me to get of my chair and sing for the LORD because, just like him, I want it so badly. I was so scared that he might have lost sight in CHRIST, but Thank You for the encouragement because I WILL PRAY FOR JOTTA A. We’re currently the same age (me,13 October 1997) and I would love to meet and sing with him and all the other ANGELS out there and save MANY souls for HEAVEN !!! ***PRAY FOR JOTTA A !!!!!!!***

  13. joshua says:

    Jotta is a talented and blessed young mn indeed. When i listened to him i was speechless, i said to myself “This guy is gifted”. May God continue to use you, remain in the faith and heaven will be your HOME.

  14. vee says:

    There is something about Jotta A. When I first heard him sing I was filled with the holy spirit, then I met him in person and the anointing that is on him is contagious, you can feel it physically. I wrote a book about this experience and his annointing, its called “A Waterfall of Agape love”.

  15. nkechi says:

    i pray heaven will hold him to the end…………Jotta will not part from the presence of God. He will bring man and woman back to God through his voice in Jesus mighty name. AMEN

  16. Tope says:

    I’m always blessed wt hs songs.My fear the first time I heard him was dt he should not be snatched by devil.I pray God’s seed is fully established in him and Hs grace wil uphold him IJN.Amen.

  17. felixcia says:

    I am so amazed by the clips i saw bout jotta singing ability at such a young age.i will definately include in my prayers.praise God for such young boys like him

  18. Patience Phiri says:

    Yes indeed we shall be praying for this little angel. Eish! This is so amazing….cnt stop listening and watching his videos. What a gifted young man. Am so touched. God bless Jotta.

    1. Jill says:

      I AM DEEPLY TOUCHED BY THIS GREAT SINGER.He so talented and God has blessed him abundantly.Jotta should come out of his nest and fly all over the world for Jesus.Im from India and wld like to see him.Surely he will make it and our prayers will be there. Dr.Jill

  19. Excellence says:

    The Whitney Houstons and the Ushers all started like this.We pray dear Lord for Jotta and all his likes,that they will be focused to the end. Nothing will sway them,in the name of Jesus. Amen

  20. Felicia says:

    To keep on succeding jotta ,keep your life in fasting and prayer ,you know and the devil can do u no harm ,it is the anointing that breaks every bounderace ,and ur music will grow and grow ,it also make a diffents , remember the devil were the music angel ,and he will use any one to persuade u to sing unto the lord ,but keep ur us upon the cross ,cause soon and very soon we are going to see the king and all we are goig to do is singing praises unto the king ,halleluja !:)

  21. Ayanbiyi Oladayo says:

    let he would think he stand take heed lest he fall.may Almighty God strenghten and uphold u.u are for Christ and d gate of hell will not prevail over your life amen

  22. Diane Bober from Uganda says:

    OMG!!! un-beliava-ble!! Lord..i pray that don’t let the devil come near this boy in anyway!! Let him travel the world singing praises to you..In Jesus name i pray..Amen

  23. Jotta A UK FAN CLUB (@JottaA_UKfans) says:

    The New Best book ever, called “A Waterfall Of Agape Love” by Tori V, a “Jotta A” Testimony – An “Agnus Dei” effect. Available At Amazon on kindle, the best spiritual book ever written. I liked the part she (Tessa) described Jotta A (Joseph in the book) as he walked in and she sees him for the first time in person. Anyone else read it? Even the book cover is great. It’s so emotional I read it with a box of tissue on the sides, tears of joy/sadness.

  24. dare says:

    may the almighty guide and protect him 4rm devil and the evil onces so dat he all continue with his gospel song when he’s 23 and more

  25. Etsebanro says:

    i didnt see dis post yet but the first time i watched his ‘Aleluya’ performance, i prayed for him and i’m sooo goin to pray over and over again.

  26. Natalie Sneed says:

    Oh my ord boy can he sing!! God knows I’ll be praying for you and Marlana Vanhoose. One day I’m going to meet you!! Praying that enemy will not be able to hurt you in any way! In Jesus name. AMEN!!

  27. JEN says:

    I truly thank God for the anointing He is placed on you and feel so blessed to witness such an amazing talent being used to the almighty power of God, to bring souls closer, deeper, and higher with the Lord! May He continuously bless you, and His abundant storehouse in Heaven rain and shine blessings on you and your family. Shine your light little brother. 🙂 In Jesus Name. Amen Amen Amen!

  28. ada says:

    i never really like to comment on public site on the internet, but i felt compelled to say this to you our lovely friend, jotta God would keep you away from the snares of the devil and his agent he would keep you and strengthen and also protect we all love you here in Nigeria pls kip it kip singing to the glory of God only please our dear friend do not depart frm this. and we also hope to see in you in Nigeria one day.

  29. Jennifer says:

    I stumbled upon this beautiful bOY on youtube yesterday November 14, 2013 around 3am in the morning, I couldn’t sleep and I just wanted to listen to worship songs. OMGGGGG!!! I CRIED FOR 4 STRAIGHT HOURS, FILLED WITH GOD HOLY SPIRIT, I cant express the joy I have listening to this beautiful boy singing for the Lord Almighty.

    Jennifer from MARYLAND,USA

  30. Tariemi says:

    I was inspiered and happy when i first listen to his song but then i felt something in my heart and pray That he never depart from the presence of God. May the grace of the Lord be with and he shall never be a victim to things of the world; the lord that call jotta to this ministration will see him through in jesus name

  31. Andrew ochiche says:

    we owe him prayers because the God given gift on him is an added advantage in the sight of the devil to miss lead him and others who are looking up to him because he is a figure …..he is a special gift to us.

  32. tubobelem says:

    god pls give we the young musicians the grace,the strength and the ability to do your work as you want.pass through us to bless others in Jesus Christ name. Amen

  33. Star Trooper says:

    Amen! I was thinking the same thing, & looking for his webpage so I could leave a message, but did not find anything until I found yours. My thought/ heartcry/ message to this child of God is that he remains a seeker of God, and a worshipper. We can agree in prayer that the spirit of sensuality and entertainment does not block him from breaking the hearts for Christ.
    Thanks for your webpage and your desire for him to remain in Christ.

  34. T.Parker says:

    Such a wonderful gift for all the body of Christ the world over! We will keep praying for Jotta A up here in Western Canada!

  35. Anne David says:

    I totally agree with you. The enemy cannot just stay put when a great vessel like Jotta is on the loose, I pray for him, God protect him and keep him safe in your arms.

    Anne Mwende

  36. lynnette says:

    I know that the enemy is going to introduce many things to him like fame, money, girls and many other things. It is very true many singers started of like this innocent and humble and then all of a sudden they started to change little by little. We have to keep him in our prayers always!. Pray that the Lord will guide his steps where ever he goes that God would shine his light on him so that every temptation that the enemy throws at him he will be able to resist, that he maintains himself in God almighty Lord of lords and King of kings, that he uses the talent for the glory of God in Jesus name!!!

  37. Wisdom 4rm Nigeria says:

    Words cant tell how I felt when I 1st listend 2 Jotta’s songs.His songs always inspird me 4rm den.I’m a bit older than Jotta (by 11 mths) nd I know by experience,dat only God can kip a teenager 4rm ruinin his life wit sin.Dis is why I’ll always pray 4 Jotta 4rm now on.He’s a treasure 2 christians all over d world nd d devil ‘ll neva ve his way wit him.Jotta continue in God’s work.Ur reward is more dan great in heaven.Pls visit Nigeria someday.We’ll b more dan glad 2 have U here.

  38. GLORY says:

    Jotta you are AN awsome guy and God will use you here in the World for his Glory you will never step back in JESUS NAME.

  39. Audrey says:

    I ‘fiscovered’ this talented and anointed young man a few years ago. He is so Blessed and Called by God. I pray for him because I underdtand exactly what you talk about. However, as believers we also need to declare the Word and take authority over the enemy! We are mighty through God and if we stand together in Faith and in strength, all the plans of the enemy are naught in Jesus name! Jotta A is like David in the Bible – fearless in his faith and zeal for God – and winning souls for the Kingdom. I pray for him and I’m happy to see others are too. God Bless!

  40. Stephen D. Derby says:

    May GOD ALMIGHTY KEEP Jotta A. safe under His wings from any negative influence in the Name JESUS CHRIST. Amen

  41. Mendi says:

    May he continue to walk with God in Jesus mighty name. I am in Slouth Africa and would like to know how he is doing please?

  42. seyr says:

    May God protect you Jotta. Draw unto His strength, shield yourself from the devil’s deceitful and destructive arrows through Christ’s words and may you go through this jungle of life- with its ups and downs that are inevitable- with vigour and God’s protection. May you have the greatest quality of life God wishes for you.

  43. Gail Amerson says:

    He has such an anointing of God on his life, may God continue to bless him , my 5 year old grandson saw him and. His singing has touched his heart by the of God through jotta a. God bless

  44. Always in prayer says:

    I was so glad to find this page again. I’ve been keeping an eye on Jotta A and have been keeping him and his family in my prayers. At this time the inevitable controversy is attacking him. Rumers and non-fans saying hateful things about him. He needs our prayers more than ever. Prayer is powerful!

    1. Always in prayer says:

      He’ll be reaching adulthood now. Will be turning 18 October 8th. Keep praying strong prayers! He’s still singing and praising to God! Our prayers have been working this long. Keep them coming!

  45. Nancy says:

    Good thing that God has placed this in your heart and many have responded positively… I pray that God who has called him will uphold him with the right hand of His righteousness…may the angels of God keep him in all his ways and may d blood of Jesus speak on his behalf in Jesus’ name…
    Lots of Love Jotta!!!

  46. Kolawole Abass says:

    Jotta, I pray for that you won’t fail God in anyway and the host of hell assigned against you will never prevail over you in Jesus name.

  47. Kolawole Abass says:

    Jotta, I pray that you won’t fail God in anyway and the host of hell assigned against you will never prevail over you in Jesus name.

  48. gilbert kengni says:

    we should pray for Jotta a like many agree the thought. but, it’s better to let him know that he is not longer more singing for the good of the Gospel. That young boy has started very well among a small group of church to sing the spiritual song God agrees, but, since people around him brought him to the public programs and shows, he is no longer more in the way of Jesus-Christ. if anyone know him personally, it should bring this message to him. A christian cannot sing the spirituals songs and put them upon the support CD ou DVD and sell to others christian. A christian cannot organize the concert and people pay ticket to go watch him worship God… singing the spirituals song is not a Career because every christian in the Grace become a worshiper. No one in the bible had sung and sold to others people. it’s time to those who love Jesus, to come back to the pure Gospel because He is coming quickly. please gospel music singers, find a career job in school and do not use the Holly name of Jesus to make money. Read Matthew 21 v 12 and see how Jesus cast out those who made commerce with bible. selling christian book or bible or CD or DVD gospel song are anti biblical. please bring this message to many before the anger of Jesus comes.

    1. Vee says:

      Its True, not only him but all other Christians who are selling the gospel in many other ways. If we all pray for each other we will be saved. Many believing christians as i see it, are not aware of this sin and will miss the First Flight with Christ but will have a chance to make it right . This would be pretty difficulty under torment in the “Left Behind” circumstances. Most people think selling the gospel is not a sin but it truly is. We can just pray, God will do the rest, in the end God will choose his own. Here on earth we deceive each other either intentionally or because of lack of knowledge. I met Jotta in London in 2016, the recent. He is still singing and now evangelising and still a humble young man all grown up. But i would like to mention that that the way we see each other here on earth is not the way God sees each one of us. We ought to just pray for each other that our eyes be opened to the truth. God gives everyone a chance to know the truth before judgement day. Jotta A, TD Jakes, Creflo Dollar and millions of other Christians out there are all selling the Gospel and yet claim to preach the Gospel. Many of these people will only be bridges for others to cross over but they themselves will never cross over. Their singing and preacing have changed many millions but will they be able to enter the Kingdom of God?, only God will decide. Our prayers go a long way. Jotta and many others have read the Bible and they know that the Gospel is not for sale. Unfortunately when Jesus comes with is sifting basket we will sadly see those we dearly love being left behind. We dont need to talk to Jotta A personally, our prayers reach to heaven and God does the rest.

      Prayers to everyone and God bless. Remember this readers: Not everyone who say Lord Lord will be saved. It could be me, it could be you, it could be Jotta A, it could be TD Jakes, etc but in the end God is just.

  49. Nonkazimulo says:

    May the Lord Almighty protect you Jotta and continue to bless you. Preach the gospel of Christ and don’t be blinded by fame. We love you.

  50. Patricia says:

    I did see him today and fell in love. I even prayed for him to keep the faith and anointing . It’s amazing that God has really beautiful people . I believe He will keep him for His glory

  51. Achieng says:

    Jotta, we thank the Almighty Powerful God for the sweet voice he has given to you to Praise, Worship and Glorify his Mighty name. I stand in prayer with all the rest that wish you well, that the Almighty God keeps you safe from the snares of the Evil one, we rebuke all works of the enemy in JESUS’S Name.


  52. HENRY EZE says:

    Jotta Christ leaves in you , since last night I have listened to the “amazing grace ” u performed over and over again till this morning that i decided to search u out online. God bless u really good boy, I’m praying for u here in Nigeria. Holy Spirit will sure not let u stray in Jesus Name Amen! u are a treasure to the Kingdom ..

  53. Kafui says:

    Very good post. prayer is not enof. He should be mentored by a notable Figure in ministry. That’s wat the world does. They identify them young and invest in them. The church must be smart….

  54. Ncobile says:

    I pray to meet u somedei your worship leaves me in tears “Amazing Grace / hallelujah”
    Be the person God wants u to be
    Yes it’s God who is working in you.
    Surely u revive our souls.

  55. alice Holland says:

    I have been reading the posts and prayers but none have been for his sight and hearing that he began to lose at pubertyy Jotta was born with Encephalitis and not expected to live so it really was a miracle when he began to sing but the illness never left him and increased when he reached puberty He lost his voice because he couldn’t hear it. but he never gave up and sngs now with great difficuly using strong hearing aids and unable to see his audience. Imagine how this lad must have felt after having his life and talent. He would have had great frustration One wonders what bad things could have been said about him With a little girl called Milena Vilaqua this boy brought me out of serious depression when I heard him and changed my life

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